Common Car Paint FAQs

If you’re looking for info on how to paint your car, mixture ratio, pricing, car paint colors, and more, we have put together a list of the most common car paint FAQs we get, to make the process easier for you!

Trinity 1945 Inc. Starfire Auto Paint Gallon


Q: What types of car paints do you carry?

A: Paint For Cars currently carries auto paint gallons, single stage kits, two stage kits, and auto paint supplies.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: After adding items to your cart the shipping costs will come up as soon as you enter your address including city, state, and zip code.


Q: Do you custom mix car paint colors and do you have other colors available?

A: We do not custom mix colors. Please see the Paint Chart for a list of all colors that we carry.


Q: Do you carry your paints in quarts?

A: No, we only carry our paints by the gallon.  If you have concern about seeing color more closely, you might consider purchasing a paint chart first.


Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We ship 98% of all orders within 1-2 business days via FedEx Ground (Flammable).  You can see the estimated transit time by visiting FedEx Ground Estimator.  Our Zip Code is 08753.  Auto paint is classified as hazardous material and there is NO faster shipping available.  To track package please be sure and create an account when placing your order.


Q: Will one paint kit be enough to cover my vehicle?

A: Depending on the size of the vehicle one paint kit should be enough to cover a small to midsized vehicle as long as you are just painting the outside of the vehicle. if you are painting inside the door jams, under the hood, and inside the trunk, it is recommend you buy two paint kits for the job.  Each paint kit will cover roughly 300 sq ft.


Q: What additional Auto body supplies do I need to paint my car besides the auto paint?

A: At a minimum, you will need an acrylic reducer. You can purchase acrylic reducer here or from a local auto supplies store. Acrylic Hardener, clear coat and primer may be required depending on the results you are looking to achieve and the condition of your vehicle. See our products description page for specific information on these additional supplies.


Q: What is the mixture ratio with reducer and hardeners on your clear coat?

A: As with all our car paints, the ratio for reducer is 4 to 1, meaning for every 4 oz’s of clear or auto paint, add 1 oz of acrylic reducer. If using an acrylic hardener, add 1 oz of hardener to every 8 oz’s of clear.


Q: Your prices seem very cheap for a gallon of auto paint. How can you sell it for such a low price?

A: Unlike many supply shops, deal directly with the manufacturer. By eliminating the middleman, we can sell at prices your local supplier can’t.


Q: I’ve sprayed several cars before, what brand would you compare to?

A: Our customers compare us to brands costing triple our price including Centari, PPG and Dupont.


Q: I have left over supplies from my last car paint job, can I use them with your paint?

A: Generally speaking, any supplies designed specifically for acrylic enamels will work with our automotive paints.


Q: Do I need a clear coat?

A: For show quality results a clear coat is recommended. Keep in mind, acrylic enamel is a gloss paint. Clear coat will enhance the glossy appearance of the color coat. For projects (work trucks, used cars, etc.) where cost is a major concern, buyers may wish to forego purchasing the clear coat.  Read more at FAQs for Clearcoat.


Have other questions for how to paint your car? Please feel free to contact us here.