The color of the car and its outlook defines a lot about our mindsets and how we feel about the car itself. More car owners today want to bring in a personal touch to their cars by customizing colors, designs and other aspects to the appearance of the cars.

Some of these custom designs and personal touches are beginning to shape the industry standards and shift the client base globally.

It is also bringing noticeable changes in auto paint color trends by the year. The year 2021 has seen significant changes and welcomed technological advancements and opportunities for new color solutions for the future.

Here are some top new trends for auto paint color for 2021:

Exterior Color Trends

2021 was greeted with a shift from neutral shades like black, grey and white to more shades reflecting positivity.

Car manufacturers that previously used neutral shades to highlight angular, sharp designs of the car have now shifted to positive, moody and emotional shades.

Bold Color s that stand out with a soothing effect are being preferred more than neutral tones. Color s that speak for the environment and emphasize grace, tranquility and simplicity were seen emerging in 2021.

BASF, one of the leading automobile OEM coatings suppliers globally has voted Dark Seltzer – a medium-dark grey shade, Redolent Red – a subtly-muted reddish-brown and Abstraction Blue – a deep, rich blue as the top trending color s for 2021.

Color Choices that Remain

White that has been the top color choice for the past ten years is still leading with over 25% – 35% of the purchases in 2021.

White is the preferred choice of color for predominantly minivans, trucks, SUVs, sedans, and luxury cars, followed by pearl and metallic shades.

50% of the purchases made were either black or grey and are expected to remain in the top even in 2021 with white standing first among the three.

Paint Textures

Paint textures have been on-demand as they give a tactile as well as a live outlook for cars.

Textured finishes are preferred by car owners today who previously only focused on getting from point A to B. They want their cars to have dimension and love to see their cars finished with their personal touch.

Buyers prioritize resale value

Buyers today are equally concerned about the resale value of cars when choosing the color of the cars down the lane.  The new color s Dark Seltzer, Redolent Red and Abstraction Blue which were chosen by BASF, hold good resale value as they are classic tones that will attract buyers in the future too.

Maintenance of paint color

Buyers who are looking for low maintenance are opting for neutral shades as they do not highlight grime, dirt, dust and water spots as much as bright color s. Specifically, Dark Seltzer and its shades are attractive for buyers as they appear fresh and clean even if they have not been washed in a while and also possess great resale value for the future, being a classic tone.

In Conclusion

Car color trends for 2021, are less techno-centric and reflects more on the emotional and environmental attributes of the buyers. The three color s Dark Seltzer, Redolent Red and Abstraction Blue are hues that take people back into the past with their classic vibes while also giving them a glance at the future of car design.

Car paint in 2021 has evolved to hues and textures that communicate the owner’s personality than they do about the cars themselves. This redefines how the global market will perceive car design and outlook for consumers in the next years.

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