Investing in cars involves a lot of thought and analysis, be it motor engineering, interior and exterior features, or safety technology. But the most interesting and enjoyable part is choosing the right color for the car, as apparently, colors can reveal a lot about your personality.

Though classic hues like white, grey, black, and silver are the major buy across the globe, there is still a myriad of hues experimented with by many automobile industries.

Let’s check a few crazy, wild, and uniquely outstanding tones that are in demand in recent times and in fashion.

Nitro Yellow

Toyota has indeed introduced a bold color to use that does not look washed out or like a toy car. Out of the 8 color palette options introduced, Toyota Supra flaunting nitro yellow looks splendiferous with its shine.

Thermal Orange Metallic 

The eye-popping thermal orange reflects in the Acura RDX and NSX models. The RDX arrives at the Ohio facility as a “white body” and gets its striking orange paint job done. Using the facility’s advanced robotic paint system, multiple coats are used and it essentially requires 5 days as curing time.

Green Metallic

Green brings freshness to the eyes indeed as it is an instant representation of life with a connection to nature. Showing that green can elegantly play on an automotive in a classy fashion Audi and BMW have bought them to the market in style.

  • District Green Metallic – Audi offers a variety of shades in green across its models, but district green is its classic piece. It’s available on Audi models A5, S5, Q5 Sportback, SQ5, and SQ5 Sportback. It does not look military or dark green but a rare mélange of green shades that is interesting.
  • Isle of Man Green Metallic – BMW models M3 and M4 parades this deep shade of green. It also complements the glossy black trim look that it beautifully portrays.

Lantana Purple

The brand 2020 McLaren600 LT introduced a shade that is wonderfully flashy yet muted at equal measures. Named from a pretty lavender flower Lantana, the shade has a very appealing look. It definitely will gain attention from the onlookers when the drivers hit the road in style.

Red Metallic 

Red has always been boasted to be the most powerful color. With the present brands experimenting with the look of their models, red is a trendsetter for the energetic personality.

  • Infrared Red – With the launch of new palette colors, luxury vehicle 2019 Lexus ES was introduced in a flashy shade of infrared red designed with the best finesse. Lending a sensation of warmth, this hue on the cars are the fashionable best.
  • Soul Red crystal metallic – Offering the best-subdued exterior with a hue that is at its radiating best, Mazda has enhanced its standard style. It is the most premium color offered.

Blue Metallic 

A universal shade, the ocean breeze blue reflects authority and confidence and is the most popular color across the globe.

  • Atlas Blue – Though lighter shades of blue are popular in the automotive industry, the 2020 Ford Explorer introduced the dark shade of blue indicating a fun and thrilling version of darker shades. It has a wonderful adventure vibe attached to it.
  • Velocity Blue – Known for its luxury sedans and SUVs, the sports car brand Jaguar has come up with a new model in the shade of blue on the F-type sports coupe and convertible.

Espresso Metallic

This was the least expected combination to blend hues like brown and metallic. Yet it became an instant hit. The brand Buick introduced the Espresso metallic that is beautifully polished and sophisticated. It has a tone of deep bronze look to it adding to its sportiness.

Frozen Berry Metallic

A mélange of pretty hues like pink or purple, Frozen Berry was introduced by Porsche, a brand that has introduced cars in almost most of the existing hues. The interesting fact is that Frozen Berry was named after a smoothie.

In the sea of automotives featuring the normal hues, flashy and crazy colors are a treat to the eyes as they add on to that extra spark. What’s your pick?

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