The colors we don, be it on your clothing or on our cars says a lot about our psyche and personality. Colors influence our day-to-day moods and perception, and it is extremely important that we gravitate or select colors that make us feel positive, vibrant and happy. The color choice of the majority also reflects the general mood and thought process of the population. So, what do the automobile color trends of 2021 look like?

Just look out of your window and see the road or look into a car park. You will notice that a vast majority of the cars are white. This is followed by silver (or grey) and black. Since the advent of automobiles, these three colors have dominated the market and continue to rule the roost. However, other colors have risen in prominence. From one among every two cars (50%) being white in the 1990s, today only one among every four cars is white (25%), reflecting the changing trends of the population.

Upcoming Trends of the Decade:

Bold, solid colors are said to provide a soothing effect for the drivers. This is evident in the popular color choices that are gaining in prominence. Some of the popular trends currently dominating the automobile market are:


A medium dark grey shade, that doesn’t give the exuberance of silver or light Grey but offers the depth of darker solid colors is gaining in prominence. This color particularly looks good on cars that have sharp angles and is therefore preferred in luxury cars and sedans.

Redolent Red

Shades of red, particularly redolent red (brownish-red) are preferred by the youth of today. Red is said to indicate speed and vibrance and add a dash of youthfulness and exuberance. Redolent red is among the preferred colors for sports vehicles, and hatchbacks used by the younger generation.

Deep Blue

If you have seen the film ‘Cars’ or any animated film about cars, the one thing that would have stood out was that in all these movies, the ultra-luxury cars were in a hue of deep, rich blue. Blue since time immemorial is known to convey class and elegance and is coming back to prominence as one of the favorite colors, particularly in the luxury car segment.

Car Paint Textures:

In the past, only the color of the car mattered when it came to appearance. However, more options are available today, and the people are more aware when it comes to making a thought out choice with respect to textures.

Some car owners love the tactile experience provided by the squeaky clean, highly reflective metallic colors, whereas others prefer a muted matte finish. Currently, both glossy and matte finishes are popular in cars. However, a glossy finish is preferred as these are easy to maintain, can be cleaned easily and generally look brighter than other finishes.

Customization: Reflect Your Personality

Automotive paint suppliers are only glad to help you customize your paint choices. Talk to your dealers to determine the options you have.

You can choose to have a combination of colors or can even have stickers applied to the car body to convey your feelings.

The Bottom Line: Just Paint It

The automotive paint supply industry is only glad to offer you a melange of colorful options. Reach out and ask about the options available. The market has come an entire circle from the hues and colors of the last decade and offers more options than ever before. Just sticking to the safe techno colors is passe!

If your heart wants a canary-yellow hatchback, just ask. The trend of this decade is to let everyone be a trailblazer and trendsetter when it comes to personalizing your automobile.

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