Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint - Starfire Gallons

Paint For Cars is a leading seller of urethane paints, proudly serving our customers since 1998. Our Starfire Acrylic Urethane paint is an easy-to-use and apply single stage paint system. Starfire acrylic urethane offers a high gloss, easy flow out, and a durable chip resistant finish without the need for a clear coat. Take a look at all our urethane paint colors below to choose the one that’s right for your car.


Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint - Starfire Gallons

High Quality Acrylic Urethane Paints

Need high quality acrylic urethane paint for your car? With Paint For Cars’ auto paint, you get all the benefits of a high build finish, fast drying application, abrasion and impact resistance, and outstanding durability with each color you choose. Each of our urethane paints provides superior color and high distinctness of image (DOI) that is UV-resistant.

Paint For Cars’ state-of-the-art acrylic urethane paint is designed with a 2.8 VOC formulation that provides great resistance to solvents, gasoline, fading, chipping, chemicals, abrasions, and scratching. Each of our urethane auto paint products in this category come in 1 gallon. Experience quality paint at competitive prices. See all our auto paints here.

Color Retention & Fading Resistance

At Paint For Cars, we have over 39 premium colors, with more continually being added. With our urethane paints, you don’t have to worry about any fading due to the paint’s above-average color retention. With our UV-resistant acrylic urethane paint, you can count on your car looking glossy and rich in color for many years to come!

We have many acrylic urethane paint colors available, including Apple Green, Frost Blue, Raspberry, Sunshine Yellow, Aqua Pearl, Candy Apple Red, Tangerine Twist, Vanilla Cream, Midnight Blue, Antique Gold, British Racing Green, Dark Cherry, Hot Pink, Emerald Green, Mayan Gold, and Viper Red, among others.

Apply as a Single Stage Acrylic or Top-Coated

You can apply our acrylic urethane paints as either a single stage acrylic or as a top-coat. Our Starfire Gallons paints can be applied over prepared OEM finishes or previously painted surfaces. If applying to fiberglass, plastics, body work, or bare metal, you may need to use primer.

Notes on Safety & Handling

A word on safety before handling any urethane paint. Paint materials may cause irritation of the respiratory organs, especially for those with allergies or asthma. DO NOT sand, flame cut, braze, or weld dry coating without a NIOSH-approved air purifying respirator, or appropriate ventilation or gloves.

Contact Paint For Cars

Have questions about our acrylic urethane paints? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team by filling out our contact form. The staff at Paint For Cars is happy to assist you.

Please note that our customer service/warehouse staff are responsible for shipping our auto paint product as quickly as possible, so we aren’t immediately available by phone. For faster service, we recommend filling out our online form or emailing us and we will contact you within one business day. Thank you for choosing Paint For Cars to be your online source for auto paint.