Auto Paint Supplies

Since 1998, has been providing a wide range of high-quality auto paint supplies at highly competitive prices. We’re not just another online shop – we are a huge paint supplies store with everything you need for your auto paint project. These include but are not limited to primers, Urethane reducers, undercoating, finishing putty, and so much more. Our expansive inventory of car paint supplies meets your every need – no matter if you’re a professional car repair service or an enthusiastic DIYer. Browse our auto paint supplies below, or get in touch with our friendly team today!

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Auto Paint Supplies

Browse all our high-quality auto paint supplies online today and benefit from great, competitive prices! Paint For Cars is proud to serve our customers since 1998. Please read our testimonials which demonstrate our commitment to our customers and our auto paint supplies. The car paint supplies that you’ll likely need include our auto body supplies, auto primers/body fillers, automotive clearcoats, hardeners and activators, and reducers and solvents. To protect yourself as you apply your car paint or perform touchups, you should also invest in personal safety and protection.

If you have any questions about our car paint supplies, please give our team a call today. Or, please read our guide to car paint supplies: different paint supplies you may need for your car as a resource for what to choose for your auto painting project.

Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer Products

Paint For Cars’ Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer offers unparalleled quality in preparing vehicle surfaces for painting. Our selection includes both gray and black variants, like our popular 5 Star High Solids Acrylic Lacquer Surface Grey and 5 Star Hot Rod Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer. These arcylic lacquer products are highly-rated for their quick-drying nature and ease of sanding, which considerably cuts down on prep time. In addition, the high-quality formulation ensures excellent adherence to the car’s surface with minimal shrinkage, resulting in a smooth, flawless finish.

The use of our acrylic lacquer primer surfacers is not just about aesthetics but also about durability. They create a strong foundation that enhances the longevity of the paint job. Whether you’re working on a classic restoration or a modern vehicle, these primers accommodate different styles and preferences. Their formulation is designed to withstand different weather conditions, ensuring that the paint remains vibrant and intact over time.

Hand Cleaners

Our specially formulated hand cleaners contain skin-friendly ingredients such as lanolin, aloe vera, and glycerin. These components ensure that your hands stay moisturized and soft, despite frequent washing and exposure to harsh chemicals. Our hand cleaners effectively dissolve paint stains and grime, leaving your hands clean without any residue.

Paint For Car’s range of hand cleaners are designed to be tough on stains but gentle on the skin, helping to prevent dryness, cracks, or irritation. Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, these hand cleaners are an essential addition to your toolkit, safeguarding your skin’s health while you work on your automotive projects!

Primer w/ Reducer

Our D.T.M. Self-Etch Filler Primer and Reducer is a game-changer for working with bare metal surfaces. This primer is specially formulated to provide a strong, even base for subsequent layers of paint. It’s designed to make repairs swift and effortless, significantly speeding up the repair process. The primer and reducer combination ensures a smooth, uniform coating, which is crucial for a professional-looking finish.

This auto paint supplies product is particularly valuable for restoration projects or dealing with older vehicles where metal surfaces are exposed. It adheres well to the metal, providing excellent corrosion resistance and creating a strong bond for the topcoat. The ease of application means that even those new to auto painting can achieve professional results.


As you browse our car paint supplies category, you’ll notice our fast-drying Duro Kote Paintable Undercoating solution for protecting the underside of your vehicle. This undercoating is designed for easy application, available in aerosol form or a 29.3 oz “schutz” style can, providing flexibility in application methods. The undercoating’s fast-drying formula ensures that your work is efficient and time-effective.

Available in black, our undercoating not only protects but also enhances the vehicle’s appearance. It’s formulated to resist moisture, salts, and other corrosive elements, significantly extending the lifespan of your car’s underbody. It’s an essential product for those in harsh weather environments, where road salts and moisture can lead to significant underbody damage.

Flow Star Urethane Reducers

Our Flow Star urethane reducers are an essential component in achieving the perfect finish for your automotive painting project. Available in Fast Temp, Medium Temp, and Slow Temp options, these reducers give you control over the drying speed of your paint. This flexibility is crucial in adapting to various environmental conditions and work preferences. Paint For Car’s urethane reducers are alcohol and water-free, ensuring that they don’t react with the paint and compromise the finish.

Made from 100% virgin solvent, these reducers are of the highest quality. They are compatible with any urethane undercoat or clearcoat, making them versatile for different painting projects. The non-photochemically reactive nature of these Flow Star urethane reducers makes them safe to use under various lighting conditions, ensuring consistent results.

Urethane Primer Surface w/ Activator

Our Urethane Primer Surface w/ Activator is a versatile and high-quality choice for preparing your vehicle for painting. Available in both gallon and quart kits, this primer is formulated for fast drying and excellent adhesion, making it an ideal base for any paint system. This urethane primer surface with activator is especially effective on a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, steel, iron, and fiberglass.

The ease of sanding this car paint supplies product provides is a significant advantage, ensuring that the surface is perfectly smooth and ready for the topcoat. This auto paint supplies product is particularly useful for complex painting projects that require a reliable and durable base. It’s a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike, guaranteeing a top-quality foundation for your paint job.

Lightweight Body Filler

Our Lightweight Body Filler is designed for ease of use and effective results. It has a smooth texture that makes application effortless, ensuring a flawless finish for bodywork repairs up to ¼”. This product is versatile, suitable for use on steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and other substrates.

The body filler is formulated to be tack-free and clog-free, making it a user-friendly option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It sands easily, allowing for a perfect surface preparation before painting. This body filler is ideal for a range of repair tasks, from minor dents to more significant bodywork. For more information, learn about how to use body filler the right way for the perfect painting result!

MAXX SOLV Wax & Grease Remover

With our MAXX SOLV Wax & Grease Remover, you will gain a powerful solution for pre-paint surface preparation. It effectively removes wax, grease, fingerprints, and more, without harming the finish of your vehicle. This product is safe for all finishes and is an essential step in ensuring a clean surface before painting.

Our wax and grease remover is formulated to be gentle on materials, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any damage or degradation. It’s a crucial product for achieving a flawless paint job, as it ensures that the surface is free of contaminants that could affect the car’s paint adhesion and appearance.

Starfire Acrylic Enamel Clear Coat – 1 Gal.

Our Starfire Acrylic Enamel Clear Coat – 1 Gallon is designed to provide a high gloss finish and excellent fade resistance to your vehicle’s color coat. This auto paint supplies product dries quickly and forms a solvent-resistant paint film that prevents cracking, chipping, or fading. It’s easy to apply and can be combined with an acrylic hardener for enhanced durability.

This car paint supplies product is an excellent choice for those seeking a long-lasting, vibrant finish for their vehicle. The fast dry times and resistance to environmental elements make it a reliable option for both professional and personal auto painting projects.

Starfire Acrylic Enamel Reducer Medium Speed

Our Starfire Acrylic Enamel Reducer Medium Speed is a premium product that enhances the application of regular or acrylic enamels. It provides a brilliant gloss and excellent leveling, ensuring a smooth and professional finish. The reducer is made from a blend of high-quality, virgin grade materials, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in your paint job.

This auto paint supplies product is essential for achieving the perfect viscosity and flow of your enamel paint, allowing for a flawless application. It’s suitable for a variety of automotive painting projects, ensuring that the end result is both beautiful and durable.

Starfire Acrylic Urethane Reducer Medium Speed

The Starfire Acrylic Urethane Reducer is an integral part of our auto paint supplies, offering a consistent formula with high solvency. It is non-photochemically reactive, ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with the paint’s curing process, regardless of lighting conditions. Free from alcohol and water, the Starfire Acrylic Urethane Reducer maintains the integrity of the paint, providing a smooth, even finish.

This reducer is compatible with a wide range of urethane undercoats and clearcoats, making it a versatile choice for various painting projects. Its high-quality formulation ensures that you achieve professional results every time. Shop acrylic urethane reducers and other auto paint supplies online with Paint For Cars!


Our range of auto primers includes the Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer, ideal for multiple topcoats. This fast-drying primer offers excellent adhesion and is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a perfect choice for a variety of automotive projects. It significantly reduces prep time, ensuring a smooth base for further painting.

We also offer a variety of other primers, including the ProForm DTM Epoxy Primer, TCI Premium 2K Urethane Primer, TCI Premium Lacquer Primer, and our XTREME DTM High Build Primer in black, white, and gray. These auto paint supplies cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect primer for your car painting project.

Finishing Putty

Our finishing putty is smooth and easy to spread, designed to remedy sand scratches, pinholes, or chips. This product delivers excellent results and can be applied to a variety of substrates, including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, and more. It is perfect for minor body work and surface imperfections up to 1/8” thick.

The putty’s easy application and smoothing capabilities make it an ideal choice for both professional body shops and DIY enthusiasts. It ensures that the final paint job is flawless, free of any minor blemishes or imperfections.

Other Auto Paint Supplies

For your convenience, we provide other miscellaneous auto paint supplies like resperators, green masking paper cases, paper rolls, paper towels, paint strainers, mixing cups, spray guns, and stirring sticks. to make your auto paint project more effective!

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