Auto Primers & Body Fillers

When it comes to high quality auto body primer products, look no further than Paint For Cars to be your online resource. We have primer surfacer, body filler, primer with reducer, undercoating, and epoxy primer products available to you for purchase.


Auto Primers & Body Fillers

5 Star High Solids Acrylic Lacquer Surfacer Grey

This product is fast drying, high build, and provides ease of sanding. For your convenience, our 5 Star High Solids Acrylic Lacquer Surfacer Grey product is available in either a gallon or a quart size.

With this product, you should expect good color holdout, and excellent adhesion. Features include 4.5 VOC, hi-build and superior holdout, indefinite pot life, and the ability to be top coated with virtually any automotive paint system. Contact Paint For Cars for more information or details regarding our lacquer surfacer products.

5 Star Hot Rod Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer

Available in either a gallon or a quart, our 5 Star Hot Rod Black Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer is a 4.8 VOC, high quality, fast drying, product. Expect hi-build, excellent holdout, easy sanding properties, and indefinite pot life!

For application of this auto body primer product, apply 1-3 wet coats, and allow between 5 to 10 minutes between each coat. Once the last coat has been applied, be sure to allow the primer to dry for about a half hour prior to sanding.

5-Star Direct To Metal Self-Etching Primer w/ Reducer

This auto body primer product includes both the D.T.M. Self-Etch Filler Primer (1 gallon), and the D.T.M. Self-Etch Filler Activator. The primer and activator are ideal for any spot or panel repairs whenever bare metal is present. Using this product helps to increase adhesion and minimize corrosion.

Use the primer and activator to fill minor surface imperfections. You can also topcoat directly for a quick repair. Contact us with any questions about our D.T.M. Self-Etch Filler Primer and Activator product.

Duro Kote Paintable Undercoating

Currently, we have one size for the Duro Kote Paintable Undercoating product. This product is reliable, with OEM quality and fast drying when applied!

You can either apply a Duro Kote paintable protective undercoating with either a convenient aerosol or by using a 29.3 oz “schutz” style can.

Lightweight Body Filler

Lightweight Filler from Paint For Cars is a creamy body filler with a smooth texture. You’ll find that it is easy to spread and that it sands down to a fine featheredge. Be sure to use for filling and repair up to 1/4″. This includes dings, scratches, rust, and dents.

Common substrates for use for the lightweight filler include aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, aged and sanded topcoats, and 2K primers. Questions about our lightweight body filler and other auto body primer products? Contact our team here today.

Paintforcars Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer – 1 Gal.

Our Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer is compatible with a wide range of topcoats. With it, you can fill minor surface imperfections.

With the Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer, you can expect a fast drying product, excellent adhesion, VOC compliance, high corrosion resistance, and superior quality!

Polyester Premium Finishing Putty (30oz)

Our Polyester Premium Finishing Putty is very easy to spread and levels to a smooth, easy to sand surface. The advanced easy-powder formula of this product increases the sanding window. The finishing putty is available in a 30oz container.

We recommend using our finishing putty for minor body work and any surface imperfections on substrates such as steel, aluminum, body filler, wood, and more.

Premium Gold Bodyfiller

Manufactured with the latest resin technology for superior sanding, our Premium Gold Bodyfiller provides excellent, reliable adhesion. Types of metal you can apply our bodyfiller on include galvanized surfaces, bare steel, and aluminum.

Our bodyfiller is easy to spread, is clog free, and also tack free. Questions? Contact our team today and we can provide further assistance with your bodyfiller products.

ProForm DTM Epoxy Primer

This auto body primer product listing includes both our Epoxy Part A and our Epoxy Part B of the ProForm DTM Epoxy Primer. This is a universal epoxy primer with formulated lead and is also chromate free. With this product, you should expect excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion improvement.

This product provides superior adhesion to bare metals, is fast drying, provides excellent color holdout, is lead and chromate free, and has virtually no shrinkage. All reasons to invest in our ProForm DTM Epoxy Primer!

TCI Premium Lacquer Primer – Gray

Our TCI Premium Lacquer Primer dries quickly, sands easily, and can be top coated with any automotive paint system. When it comes to a durable, premium, formula, look no further than our TCI Premium Lacquer Primer products!

All features include an excellent adhesion capability, hi-build, superior holdout, easy sanding properties, and indefinite pot life.

XTREME DTM High Build Primer (White, Black, or Gray)

Available in either white, black, or gray, you can purchase by gallon or quart. The XTREME DTM High Build Primer includes a 4:1 Mix Ratio – High Build Primer Filler, 4:1:1 Mix Ratio – Regular Build Primer Filler, 4:1:2 Mix Ratio – Primer Sealer, superior adhesion capabilities, is easy to apply in 1-3 coats, and is easy to sand.

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