Automotive Clearcoats

When it comes to clearcoat automotive products, let Paint for Cars be your go-to resource for acrylic urethane clearcoats. Browse online here for Starfire Urethane Clear Coat and TCI Urethane Clear Coat products, or contact us with questions about which urethane clearcoat automotive product to choose for your next car paint project! Our experts have years of experience in the industry selling and recommending auto paint products.


Automotive Clearcoats

Automotive clearcoats are essential for protecting your car’s paint from ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and other contaminants. Clearcoat works by adding a layer of gloss and shine to your vehicle’s finish.

Two popular types of clearcoats are acrylic enamel and urethane clearcoats. Take a look at our acrylic enamel and urethane automotive clearcoat products below:

Starfire Urethane Clear Coat

Included with your purchase of the Trinity 1945 Starfire Urethane Clear Coat is both the Starfire Urethane Clear – 4.2 VOC and the Starfire Urethane Activator – Medium. This product is exceptionally easy to spray. With it, you can expect excellent gloss, DOI, and long-lasting results!

This product is highly versatile and can be utilized for virtually any partial or complete paint job. Our Starfire Urethane Clear Coat product provides fast drying, easy buffing, and great resistance to fading.

TCI Urethane Clear Coat

TCI Urethane Clear Coat 6050 is a sophisticated, two-component polyurethane clearcoat that stands out with its 4.1 VOC level. It is specifically formulated for ease of application, providing outstanding flow and leveling, which results in a superb gloss and excellent distinctness of image. This product is well-suited for fast-paced work environments, owing to its quick drying nature.

The TCI Urethane Clear Coat product is versatile for applying over almost any single-stage or base coat auto paint. One of its key features is the rapid flash times, ranging from just 3-5 minutes, ensuring that it delivers a superior gloss finish without any die back. This makes TCI Urethane Clear Coat 6050 an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency and quality in their automotive finishes. Learn more about how to properly apply clear coat here.

Automotive Clearcoat FAQs

What is the best clear coat for automotive?

The best clear coat for automotive use depends on specific requirements such as durability, finish, and ease of application. Products like TCI Urethane Clear Coat 6050 and Starfire Urethane Clear Coat are highly recommended due to their excellent gloss, ease of application, and fast drying times. Such clear coats provide a durable finish, compatible with various base coats, and often include UV protection to prevent fading. Always consider factors like the work environment, desired finish, and VOC compliance when choosing a clear coat.

What’s the difference between clear coat and top coat?

Clear coat and top coat are terms often used interchangeably in automotive painting, but they can have distinct meanings. Clear coat refers to a transparent layer applied over the base coat of paint, providing protection and enhancing gloss and depth. Top coat, while also a protective layer, is a broader term that can include clear coats, sealants, or other finishing layers. Clear coats are typically urethane or lacquer-based and specifically designed for automotive use, offering UV protection and resistance to weathering.

What does clear coat do for car paint?

Clear coat plays a crucial role in automotive paint jobs. It provides a protective layer over the colored base coat, shielding it from various elements like UV rays, weather conditions, and minor scratches. This not only prolongs the life of the paint but also enhances its appearance by adding depth and gloss. Additionally, clear coat helps in maintaining the color of the car, preventing fading and oxidation. It’s an essential component for both the aesthetic and longevity of the vehicle’s paint.

Why is clear coat so expensive?

Clear coat is often expensive due to several factors. Firstly, high-quality clear coats contain advanced chemical formulations that offer superior protection, gloss, and durability, which contribute to their higher cost. Additionally, they often include UV inhibitors and other additives to protect the paint from fading and environmental damage. The manufacturing process, research, and development involved in producing effective clear coats also add to the cost. Moreover, clear coats need to be compatible with a wide range of base coats and weather conditions, requiring sophisticated formulation and testing.

Why Choose Us for Clearcoat Automotive Products?

Automotive clearcoats are an important part of protecting and enhancing your vehicle’s finish, and both acrylic enamel and urethane clearcoats each provide their own benefits. Need clearcoat automotive products to make your car paint job complete and last for many years to come? Shop all our paint supplies online today!

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