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Flow Star Urethane Reducers



A non-photochemically reactive, alcohol and water-free, urethane grade reducer. Use in any urethane undercoat or clearcoat. Recommended for European type basecoats. 100% virgin solvent.


Many basecoat systems require the use of a “Stablizer” or a “Converter”, which is added to the basecoat color. These products are designed to initiate a very fast cure, or a very fast flash time of the basecoat. This is achieved with products that quickly evaporate from the basecoat film or products that induce a reaction of the resins. The objective of these products is to prevent the aluminum flakes in the basecoat from moving or “mottling”.

Each major paint company has formulated a separate method of “stabilizing” or “converting” their basecoat colors. 5 Star Autobody Products has duplicated three of the most popular Basecoat Systems:
PPG: Reactive Reducers
Dupont: Basemaker Reducers
Sherwin Williams: Basecoat Stabilizer

5 Star Flowstar Urethane Reducers are formulated to be used to thin primer surfacers, clearcoats and European colorcoats.

• Direct offset to major paint companies
• Prevents “mottling” of metallics
• Fast Drying

1. Read all directions, warnings and cautions for safe use of these products.
2. Mix per paint manufacturer’s mixing directions found on formulas, basecoat labels or Product Data Sheet.
3. Keep cap tightly closed at all times as Quickbase is moisture sensitive. Exposure to humidity will contaminate these products and will affect its performance. Once opened, shelf life is 7 days.

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