One of the biggest questions with car damage is who will cover it? Most people today don’t skip out on their car insurance. In fact, in most cases, car insurances are the entities that come to save an automobile. Today, about 215 Million car drivers have their car insured in the United States. So what good can this insurance do for repainting?

When involved in an accident, it is a common problem to have damages repaired. Most drivers make sure that their insurance will cover a variety of damage costs. But what encompasses damage? If your car is involved in an accident, does the repainting come under damage costs? There is a good chance that your insurance company will even cover the cost of your repairing job if there had been an accident. But what kinds of damage can help you out? Here are some things you should know beforehand.

  1. Wear and Tear

Insurance companies cover a wide variety of deals when it comes to cars. Unfortunately, wear and tear does not give you a new paint job once in a few years. Wear and tear is considered to be a part of daily use and does not warrant an insurance repaint.

Unless the car is involved in a special case where an accident has had a clear impact on the paint-job, the chances of insurance covering it are comparatively low. Your wear and tear can easily be minimized by taking protective measures for your car. In fact, this is why many companies promote additional coverings to protect your car without having to rely on insurance.

  1. Negligence Damage

Un-serviced cars often cause people major problems. Repairs are very common across the country and this has caused a lot of 3rd party garages to flourish. In fact, today, 75% of all aftermarket repairs are done by such 3rd party garages. Negligence comprises of un-serviced parts and cases where enough care hasn’t been taken to protect the car.

Most insurance companies do not offer negligence cost reimbursement as this is not something that happened outside of your control. There is a good chance that such a case will not warrant a paint job reimbursement for your vehicle. Most auto parts require routine service and maintenance. Failure to protect the paint surface is a drastic case in which your insurance company will not help you with your new paint job.

  1. Unlawful Activities

Vandalism and graffiti painting are common problems for nearly all sectors in the modern-day world. In the United Kingdom, more than 25% of these vandalism incidents occur in residential areas where many cars are present. Additionally, around 20% of these incidents occur in commercial areas where many vehicles are often parked.

You need to thoroughly read up on your insurance details to see if this cost is covered or not. There is a decent chance that your insurance company could cover your repainting costs if vandalism or graffiti painting has occurred on your vehicle. Many times, there is a halfway point to meet wherein the company pays for the costs after your deductible is taken out of the equation.


One of the most integral components of deals with your insurance companies is the insurance itself. Always be sure to take insurance that suits you best. Going for cheaper insurance could cost you a lot in the future.

Most car drivers like to compare statistics for their geographical area and damage probability to arrive at a comfortable figure. Splurging a little on your insurance is a bit expensive at the moment but could save you a lot of money if you need a well-rounded repair.

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