For a lot of people, it is not an uncommon decision to choose to paint your own car when necessary. There are attractive options in the market today for car painting and many supplies have made this process easier. While you can always get this done from an expensive garage, you might want to consider doing this by yourself. This not only allows you to save up a ton on costs but also lets you customize your painting experience. You can go about the paintwork the way you want.

Once you hire professionals to color your automobile, it may be rather costly. If you get it performed well, it will cost you big bucks. You might be able to save a lot of cash by doing it personally. While this seems like a daunting challenge, handling paintwork is quite easy a task that you are fully capable of taking care of.

Coloring an automobile personally is expensive by itself. In general, painting your personal vehicle costs approximately $200 but there are ways for you to reduce this cost.

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Try ‘Do It Yourself’

The most cost-effective approach to save money on car body painting is doing it yourself. It will not only save you money but will also give you the creative liberty you desire. The issue is that doing a fine job on an automobile requires both time and experience. For example, you’ll have to build a car paint booth. This is completely doable, and you will possibly manage it in a few bucks, but it will require time and dedication. Doing it all by yourself is usually not the best option if you need your car to be on the road soon.

Otherwise, you simply need to buy the bare necessities. You may even lease a spray gun if you need one, avoiding the cost of purchasing one. You may, however, get one at a reasonable price if you wish to buy it nevertheless.

Prepare in Advance

When it is about car body painting, proper preparation is crucial. You must already have mended any sections that require it and filled any dents with the filler. Allow plenty of time for the filler to settle before sanding it smooth. Remove any dust with the help of sanding with a wet towel. Don’t rush your preparations. The stronger the connection to the paint, the smoother the final finish, and the better your surface will turn out. Make sure the top is as smooth as possible by going over it again and again.

The Primer Talk

Choose between using urethane primer and epoxy primer. Each of these choices come with their own set of benefits. An epoxy primer will provide a far better seal with minimal applications compared to a urethane primer. This might help you cut back on both time and money when it comes to car body painting.

Get to the Painting

The painting step is the most vital when it comes to the success of your DIY car painting project. Car body painting is one such place in which you should not strive to save money. Purchase the finest paint you can get your hands on and apply many coats. If you get trapped with the idea of trying to save money by using less, the finish will be compromised in terms of depth. Moreover, it will not last as long. You can save money in other ways, including building your own vehicle paint booth out of PVC plastic and poles.

Practice operating a spray gun well in advance before you start spraying. It is important you become an expert in it. This way you will be more confident when you go into the job.

If you have been worried about a car that needs a re-paint, you can also take the hassle-free route and take the professional way out. A vast majority of individuals, on the other hand, are on a tight budget and must save money. That is why they accomplish it with DIY car body painting.


Overall, it is quite easy to get started on your car painting experience with these helpful tips. There are many DIY supplies promoted by automobile brands that offer all kinds of materials for you to enhance this experience. If it is your first time doing so, be sure to go by the book and refer to helpful videos and tutorials. Remember to be careful at each step so you don’t end up increasing your work.

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