Here are a bunch of pics you requested.  This was a two tone paint job.  It was the first time we had every painted a vehicle.  I am sending pics of the truck before we started much body work, then after being wet sanded in red primer, then after being shot with your gray non sanding primer, then the white part of the two tone paint job, then masking the white for the green part, then the green part sprayed, then all done.

We used your Acrylic Enamel and hardener with a HVLP gun.  Our compressor had trouble keeping up but the paint itself was fine.  We still got very nice results even with the underpowered compressor.  We have already gotten a ton of compliments already on the paint job.  We did not use any clear coat and we really like the “old school” look of the acrylic enamel paint.

Before using our Auto Paint

Before using our Auto Primer/Paint

After using our Auto Paint