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Paintforcars Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer – 1 Gal.


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Weight11 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 7.5 in

Item Description

  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Topcoats
  • Fills minor surface imperfections
  • Fast Drying with virtually no shrinkage
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • VOC Compliant
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Non sanding formula cuts prep time significantly


Paintforcars #R587 Synthetic Enamel Non Sanding Grey Primer is a high quality, single component primer that offers quick fill, fast drying, high corrosion resistance while providing minimal shrinkage and great adhesion to properly prepared substrates. Fills sanding scratches up to 180 grit and provides a corrosion resistant base. Non sanding formula, allows for straight application of car paint afterwards, dramatically cutting prep time. Mix 4 parts Synthetic Enamel Primer to 1 part acrylic reducer.

Acrylic Urethanes: Basecoat Color, Acrylic Enamels, Synthetic Enamels, Polyurethane Color.

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Out of stock