Contemplating purchasing a car can be a tedious process with all the things that you have to keep in mind. You never want to compromise on anything and yet your budget won’t allow you the perfect exterior, tyres, engine, bodywork etc.

But there’s always some squeeze room in your budget. If this room isn’t used to splurge a little more on the perfect color, why have squeeze room at all? The perfect color makes the perfect statement to the world about who you are. So why not invest a few bucks extra for one of these wild colors to give your car that extra bit of personality to define you?

Burst Blue Metallic

Not many colors can manage to be simple and bold at the same time but the Burst Blue Metallic designed for Volvo V60, XC40 and XC60 has a certain peculiarity to it.

On the outside, it’s a minimalistic tone that would ideally pass under the radar but the glossy finish and the striking exterior black accents instantly draw your attention. The color isn’t too flashy either as the hue is cool and easy on the eyes.

Frozen Berry Metallic

The Porsche Taycan came out as competition to Tesla in the electric market in the most interesting way. The Frozen berry metallic is a color that really paints quite the picture with its name.

In the intrinsic details, you can even see the rich blend of hues which is probably why this color was named after a rich smoothie too. It’s an offbeat color with a new beat car. Just perfect for your new car paint color change.

Two-Tone Monarch Orange & Super Black

Both, Nissan Kicks and Centra come in this sporty country style color combination that combines a rich orange with a classy finish. This is indeed quite different from Nissan’s usual bunch and the two-tone quality of the car paint color really sets it apart.

A black roof can give your sedan a whole new feel to it and more importantly, put it in a light that people have never seen it in before.

China Blue Metallic

The Mercedes G series has certainly had some distinctive colors that have made their mark but looking at this pale blue hits you entirely different. Given the type of car, a rough and rugged look compliments the sharp finish very well. The color is ideally suited to your station wagons with a tough look.

Soul Red Crystal Metallic

When you look at the beautiful red color launched by Mazda, you understand why all of its 2021 models feature this one. For a simple price of around 500$, you can upgrade your new Mazda ride to a silky smooth looking color with shiny overtones.

Chroma Molten Gold

When you spot a Lincoln Navigator in the Chroma Molten Gold, you just know that it’s a Navigator. This smooth gold dripping color ensures that the car does not look like one of your everyday SUV’s that cruise around in their metallic black hues. Instead, this color sets itself up for a stylish and sleek look every time.

Spectral British Racing Green

Watching a Range Rover in the same green tint that was used in century-old racing cars is very satisfying. What makes this blast from the past even better is that you get to see these colors in the turquoise appeal of Chromaflare that changes the color as the sun changes its shine on your ride.

Velocity Blue

Jaguar has been more famous for their delightful Sedans for a while now but this beautiful F model sports coupe is a perfect reminder of how well known it was as a racing brand. The perfect blue is a striking color that you just can’t miss be it on the open road or on the freeway. This is what makes the sports series so majestic and smooth with its color and style.

With an ever wider variety of car paint colors available all across the globe for your ride, which one could you possibly choose? Keep your eyes on the road and you might just realize the color that you’ve craved all along. Read more here in our article about choosing the right automotive paint color for your car.

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