Auto Paint Gallons

Introducing PaintForCars auto paint gallons. These include our acrylic enamel, acrylic urethane, and acrylic urethane basecoat paint products. When you choose PaintForCars products, you can expect nothing but high quality from our transformative paints – each of which are meticulously engineered for the automotive industry. Our auto paint gallon products provide you all the benefits of a quick drying, lasting finish, excellent durability, and a beautiful gloss that screams quality. Check out all our auto paint gallon products below. We have more than 39+ colors available to freshen up your car!


Auto Paint Gallons

Our Starfire auto paint gallon products stand out from the crowd for a number reasons:

  • Offers a solution that’s resilient against chemicals and solvents.
  • Robust quality which adds excellent resistance against chipping, cracking, and fading, securing the longevity of your vehicle’s finish.
  • Added strength thanks to its adhesion capability, effortlessly bonding over virtually any OEM type finish when prepared properly.

Auto Paint Gallon Color Options

PaintForCars currently has 39 premium auto paint gallon colors – and counting! Each color captures a unique vibrancy and character to bring out the beauty of your vehicle. We are continually adding new hues to our collection, bringing even more diversity to your color choices. Learn more about car paint colors to choose by reading our car paint color trends in the automotive industry and best type of paint for cars articles here.

Experience a sharp automotive gloss appearance and high distinctness of image (DOI) that adds a premium feel to your vehicle. We guarantee excellent color retention and fade resistance, ensuring your car’s vibrant appearance doesn’t dull over time. Starfire also exhibits outstanding resistance to both gasoline and diesel fuel, a testament to its durability.

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Starfire Enamel Auto Paint Gallon

Starfire’s acrylic enamels are comprised of 50% higher volume solids than conventional alternatives, resulting in superior hiding properties and a remarkable coverage increase of up to 35% more than competing finishes. As always, our Acrylic Enamel auto paint gallon products ensure safety and sustainability, and is lead-free!

By incorporating a pint of our Starfire acrylic enamel hardener per gallon, you will notice a significant enhancement in gloss and gloss retention. This mixture also amplifies the product’s durability and longevity. Starfire auto paint provides excellent flexibility and adhesion over primed surfaces. And while it can be applied as a single stage acrylic enamel, it can also be top-coated with our acrylic enamel clear or urethane clear to achieve stunning base coat clear two-stage results.

Starfire Urethane Auto Paint Gallon

PaintForCars is also your online resource for high quality urethane paints. Each urethane auto paint gallon offers high gloss, easy flow out, and a durable chip and fading resistance that’s expected for a urethane product.

Our Hawthorn Starfire Acrylic Urethane auto paints are – as always – premium quality. Each are premium quality, single-stage OEM/Refinishing systems with an advanced urethane formula to allow for unsurpassed durability and gloss. This is a state-of-the-art, 2.8 VOC formulation that resists chemicals, gasoline, UV fading, chipping, abrasions, and scratches alike, keeping your vehicle looking glossy and rich in color for many years to come.

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Starfire Urethane Paint Basecoat

Our Starfire Urethane Basecoat, is our highest quality basecoat clearcoat car finish. DIY paint enthusiasts will enjoy its superior quality, durability, and gloss alike in an easy-to-apply two stage automotive paint refinishing system.

Our Urethane Basecoat auto paint gallons provide unsurpassed durability and gloss thanks to their 2.8 VOC formulation, which provides unmatched resistance to solvents, chemicals, gasoline, fading, and scratches. With a Urethane Basecoat gallon, you can expect a high build finish, extremely fast drying, resistance from impact and abrasion, excellent durability, high DOI, excellent color retention, and superior flow out and leveling.

Should you get urethane or enamel auto paint? If you’re unsure of which to choose, learn more here about urethane vs enamel paint. Or, read our ultimate guide to auto paint here.

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Shop Auto Paint Gallons at Paint for Cars

We’ve been in the business of selling automotive paints online since 1998. With each product, you expect nothing but the best for your car, since each product offers extremely fast drying, outstanding durability, great abrasion and impact resistance, high UV fade resistance, beautiful glossy appearance, and high distinctness of image (or DOI).

With so many years of both personal and professional experience with auto paints, you can trust our experts to know how to help give you the guidance you need with how to choose the right auto paint gallons, what supplies you’ll need, and steps for how to paint your car.

Need help with how to paint your car? We can help you choose the right auto paint, and give you tips for what paint kits or paint supplies you may need for your car. Give the team at PaintForCars a call or email us today! Our fill out our form on our contact us page.

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