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The color of the car and its outlook defines a lot about our mindsets and how we feel about the car itself. More car owners today want to bring in a personal touch to their cars by customizing colors, designs and other aspects to the appearance of the cars.

Some of these custom designs and personal touches are beginning to shape the industry standards and shift the client base globally.

It is also bringing noticeable changes in auto paint color trends by the year. The year 2021 has seen significant changes and welcomed technological advancements and opportunities for new color solutions for the future.

Here are some top new trends for auto paint color for 2021:

Exterior Color Trends

2021 was greeted with a shift from neutral shades like black, grey and white to more shades reflecting positivity.

Car manufacturers that previously used neutral shades to highlight angular, sharp designs of the car have now shifted to positive, moody and emotional shades.

Bold Color s that stand out with a soothing effect are being preferred more than neutral tones. Color s that speak for the environment and emphasize grace, tranquility and simplicity were seen emerging in 2021.

BASF, one of the leading automobile OEM coatings suppliers globally has voted Dark Seltzer – a medium-dark grey shade, Redolent Red – a subtly-muted reddish-brown and Abstraction Blue – a deep, rich blue as the top trending color s for 2021.

Color Choices that Remain

White that has been the top color choice for the past ten years is still leading with over 25% – 35% of the purchases in 2021.

White is the preferred choice of color for predominantly minivans, trucks, SUVs, sedans, and luxury cars, followed by pearl and metallic shades.

50% of the purchases made were either black or grey and are expected to remain in the top even in 2021 with white standing first among the three.

Paint Textures

Paint textures have been on-demand as they give a tactile as well as a live outlook for cars.

Textured finishes are preferred by car owners today who previously only focused on getting from point A to B. They want their cars to have dimension and love to see their cars finished with their personal touch.

Buyers prioritize resale value

Buyers today are equally concerned about the resale value of cars when choosing the color of the cars down the lane.  The new color s Dark Seltzer, Redolent Red and Abstraction Blue which were chosen by BASF, hold good resale value as they are classic tones that will attract buyers in the future too.

Maintenance of paint color

Buyers who are looking for low maintenance are opting for neutral shades as they do not highlight grime, dirt, dust and water spots as much as bright color s. Specifically, Dark Seltzer and its shades are attractive for buyers as they appear fresh and clean even if they have not been washed in a while and also possess great resale value for the future, being a classic tone.

In Conclusion

Car color trends for 2021, are less techno-centric and reflects more on the emotional and environmental attributes of the buyers. The three color s Dark Seltzer, Redolent Red and Abstraction Blue are hues that take people back into the past with their classic vibes while also giving them a glance at the future of car design.

Car paint in 2021 has evolved to hues and textures that communicate the owner’s personality than they do about the cars themselves. This redefines how the global market will perceive car design and outlook for consumers in the next years.

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How often have you seen rides with colors that you’re envious of? With each passing year, there are new paint trends popping up that are take the concept of paint color for cars to a whole new level. Today’s colors are not simply applied out of design. There is a lot that goes on in terms if customer psyche that influences this process and the colors we see today. So here are some of the car paint trends in the automotive industry today that will intrigue you:

Ensuring Excellence

One of the defining characteristics of paints today is the conviction that goes behind making them durable. Paints are treated as visual elements that need to last and stay without causing any problems to the owner. It’s not just about innovating with the design as you see various new chemical compositions that have taken the world by storm.

If you look at Chromaflare, you’ll find versatile pain shades that change as the sun rays fall on them. Creating such visual brilliance that is chemically in-line with the rules and norms has resulted in some strong concepts that have been a milestone in the industry.

When in Rome

In these few shifting years, there has been a change in the dynamic. More baby boomers and millennials have started investing in cars and the colors that they like are very different than those that have been marketed for long. Upto this point, the trend lay in the favor of elegant and classy but now playful colors like pastel and bright hues are making their way back.

The solution is to not just create colors that appeal to a generation but to fuse and innovate that can offer a blend that no one had considered before.


color schemes have always been dynamic without ever being confined to a certain area. Remember back when matte was the craze and how a shade would look much better in it than in metallic? Color palettes and styles change with time. Expanding these horizons is key to re-engineering some of the most loved colors and transforming them into the shades of tomorrow.

Furthermore, technology has also pivoted to creating richer hues that can give your car an entirely different feel. For instance, high chroma technology uses grind dispersion to create colors that are more chromatic in nature. The way colors are chemically produced can change everything and there are a lot of places that are leveraging their technology to create stunning shades.

Global Scale of Working

Back in the day, having paint on cars used to mean something on a specific level where trends existed and lived in areas. With the emerging technology of the world, this has changed entirely. As the lines blur between borders, we get to see a new market that is more reachable from everywhere.

With a change in location, there is a change in preference of color and other minor details but a brand cannot have slightly different colors for each region. Here, launching color options becomes very tricky and one has to re-design the way car paints are approached. From a utility perspective, these colors that are vouched for also have to be created consistently and efficiently throughout the globe which can be very difficult at times.

Looking Towards Tomorrow

Good color schemes are hard to come by but they are also just as hard to like for a long time. You might remember liking various color trends at one point but become bored of them later. As technology changes, newer concepts are coming to the world. Customizable color trends are soon taking over the future as luxury buyers are increasingly interested in cars that can have color jobs from time to time to keep trendy.

With time, other major factors like self-driving cars, use of bio ingredients and technology going behind colors will revolutionize the field. Preferences will change and soon enough, we could even see future trends with car paint kits that we had not thought would exist. Color is not just approached as an exterior element anymore. Growing interest in the interior and the exterior of cars has changed the way designers approach color.

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Investing in cars involves a lot of thought and analysis, be it motor engineering, interior and exterior features, or safety technology. But the most interesting and enjoyable part is choosing the right color for the car, as apparently, colors can reveal a lot about your personality.

Though classic hues like white, grey, black, and silver are the major buy across the globe, there is still a myriad of hues experimented with by many automobile industries.

Let’s check a few crazy, wild, and uniquely outstanding tones that are in demand in recent times and in fashion.

Nitro Yellow

Toyota has indeed introduced a bold color to use that does not look washed out or like a toy car. Out of the 8 color palette options introduced, Toyota Supra flaunting nitro yellow looks splendiferous with its shine.

Thermal Orange Metallic 

The eye-popping thermal orange reflects in the Acura RDX and NSX models. The RDX arrives at the Ohio facility as a “white body” and gets its striking orange paint job done. Using the facility’s advanced robotic paint system, multiple coats are used and it essentially requires 5 days as curing time.

Green Metallic

Green brings freshness to the eyes indeed as it is an instant representation of life with a connection to nature. Showing that green can elegantly play on an automotive in a classy fashion Audi and BMW have bought them to the market in style.

  • District Green Metallic – Audi offers a variety of shades in green across its models, but district green is its classic piece. It’s available on Audi models A5, S5, Q5 Sportback, SQ5, and SQ5 Sportback. It does not look military or dark green but a rare mélange of green shades that is interesting.
  • Isle of Man Green Metallic – BMW models M3 and M4 parades this deep shade of green. It also complements the glossy black trim look that it beautifully portrays.

Lantana Purple

The brand 2020 McLaren600 LT introduced a shade that is wonderfully flashy yet muted at equal measures. Named from a pretty lavender flower Lantana, the shade has a very appealing look. It definitely will gain attention from the onlookers when the drivers hit the road in style.

Red Metallic 

Red has always been boasted to be the most powerful color. With the present brands experimenting with the look of their models, red is a trendsetter for the energetic personality.

  • Infrared Red – With the launch of new palette colors, luxury vehicle 2019 Lexus ES was introduced in a flashy shade of infrared red designed with the best finesse. Lending a sensation of warmth, this hue on the cars are the fashionable best.
  • Soul Red crystal metallic – Offering the best-subdued exterior with a hue that is at its radiating best, Mazda has enhanced its standard style. It is the most premium color offered.

Blue Metallic 

A universal shade, the ocean breeze blue reflects authority and confidence and is the most popular color across the globe.

  • Atlas Blue – Though lighter shades of blue are popular in the automotive industry, the 2020 Ford Explorer introduced the dark shade of blue indicating a fun and thrilling version of darker shades. It has a wonderful adventure vibe attached to it.
  • Velocity Blue – Known for its luxury sedans and SUVs, the sports car brand Jaguar has come up with a new model in the shade of blue on the F-type sports coupe and convertible.

Espresso Metallic

This was the least expected combination to blend hues like brown and metallic. Yet it became an instant hit. The brand Buick introduced the Espresso metallic that is beautifully polished and sophisticated. It has a tone of deep bronze look to it adding to its sportiness.

Frozen Berry Metallic

A mélange of pretty hues like pink or purple, Frozen Berry was introduced by Porsche, a brand that has introduced cars in almost most of the existing hues. The interesting fact is that Frozen Berry was named after a smoothie.

In the sea of automotives featuring the normal hues, flashy and crazy colors are a treat to the eyes as they add on to that extra spark. What’s your pick?

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